2021 Pharmacy Salary and Market Report

Raven’s Recruitment have recently launched their 2021 Pharmacy Salary and Market Report, specific to the Pharmacy Industry.

This is the 4th edition of the annual report which offers a comprehensive insight into the Pharmacy Industry, with a particular focus on the current state of wages and conditions, career opportunities and factors affecting the pharmacy employment market today and into the future.

Drawing on our over 35 years of expertise and experience as Australia’s leading Pharmacy Recruitment Agency, this report is an initiative developed by the Raven’s Recruitment team, paired with commentary from Industry leaders, including the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the PSA, SHPA, as well as other pharmacy professionals.

For pharmacy employers, it offers an opportunity to see the salary ranges across the Australian pharmacy market and assess just how competitive their pharmacy is from a salary perspective, as well as insight into the current market conditions and availability of pharmacists.

For job seekers, it provides assistance in determining the value of their skills to both prospective and current employers, as well as giving them some ‘real’ information based on what our employers are actually offering.

The report is FREE to download and can be accessed via this landing page.

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