Emergency health order extended in Tas

Tasmania’s public health emergency period has been extended by eight weeks, but it could end sooner if COVID-19 case numbers decrease.

Director of Public Health, Dr Mark Veitch, on Tuesday declared an extension of the Public Health Emergency Declaration under the Public Health Act.

But for the first time since the initial emergency declaration in March 2020, Dr Veitch elected to renew it for a shorter, eight-week period.

An extension usually lasts for 12 weeks. 

“Our high vaccination rates have significantly reduced the risk of severe outcomes of COVID-19, particularly among those at higher risk of hospitalisation, admission to intensive care, and death,” Dr Veitch said in a statement.

He noted while the per capita number of cases of COVID-19 in the state was currently high, hospitalisations are low. 

The current wave of infection could decline by the end of April, he said. 

“Measures to address COVID-19 will continue to aim to address the clinical and public health risks from the virus, while minimising the risk of social and economic harms,” he said. 

On Tuesday, Tasmania recorded 2437 cases and no deaths.

It also reported 44 in hospital with two in intensive care.

Dr Veitch clarified that under the Act he could make a further decision to end the Emergency Declaration sooner than, or to extend it beyond the latest eight-week period, depending on case numbers and hospitalisations. 


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