Energy efficient grant funding available

Over the coming weeks Danielle King, founder of Green Moves Australia, will be teaming with AP Group to share some bite sized tips on how to make your pharmacy or office greener in 2021.

The team at AP Group have recently gone through Danielle’s crash course and can vouch for the fact that it is much easier than we first thought. With a few simple changes AP Group have managed to significantly lower power consumption and reduced our waste going into landfill!

The new year has bought some great energy efficiency funding opportunities for businesses as part of the COVID 19 business recovery stimulus packages. Opportunities vary depending on the State you’re in but here are the links to what we know is currently available.

In Victoria there is a range of funding and rebates for energy saving equipment. You can see the full list here:    

One of the current grants is the Business Recovery Energy Efficiency Funding which is available for businesses using over 40 megawatts of energy pa.  If that’s you be sure to get your application in before 31st January 2021 and the earlier the better.  It’s a competitive grant and the focus is on creating work and achieving energy savings.

In NSW there is the Energy Saving Scheme – see

In SA there is the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) which has been running for some time.  It is for residential and small businesses. Find out more here –

QLD has the Energy Saving Program and ecoBiz schemes – find out more here

Some of this funding is also available for installing solar PV.

Meanwhile check you are not paying too much for your energy by doing a regular tariff compare.  The best sites to do that on are:

– Andrew Whelan, General Manager at AP Group

Green Moves provides consumers and businesses with a selection of sustainability services that are designed to minimise energy costs and reduce environmental footprints –

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