Every disease has a story – a new podcast by Clinpath Pathology

The podcast is produced by Clinpath Pathology in South Australia.

However, it is an inspired collaboration between Clinpath Pathology’s General Pathologist Dr Travis Brown and seasoned radio interviewer and podcaster, Steve Davis.

From Clinpath’s perspective, the naming of This Pathological Life fits well within the phrasing of one of the world’s top podcasts – This American Life – and could trigger memories from Aussie culture with Roy and HG’s own ‘This Sporting Life’.

The podcast series will share episodes such as ‘A pox on both your houses.’ – about small pox; ‘A pathological addiction to making sandwiches’ – Typhoid Mary and quite simply, ‘What is pathology anyway?’ a general overview about pathology which brings to life the study of disease.

As Dr Travis Brown says, “Every disease has its own story to tell.

When topics heat up and need further technical theory Steve and Travis share the podcast microphone with their learned friends, who have specialist’s expertise and knowledge to discuss and share insights.

As Steve Davis says, “The “This” puts ‘pathological life under the microscope’.

The podcast is available on Clinpath Pathology’s website.

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