Going green in 2021

Over the coming weeks Danielle King, founder of Green Moves Australia, will be teaming with AP Group to share some bite sized tips on how to make your pharmacy or office greener in 2021.

The team at AP Group have recently gone through Danielle’s crash course and can vouch for the fact that it is much easier than we first thought. With a few simple changes AP Group have managed to significantly lower power consumption and reduced our waste going into landfill!

So let’s get started on lighting…

Like all retail type stores, pharmacies generally need to have lighting on during opening hours.  Lighting can be responsible for up to 50% of your energy bills.  Simple strategies like ensuring they are off out of hours and that low use areas are on motion sensors can make a notable difference to the energy costs. 

Lighting technology has changed significantly over the past 15 years and if your store or office does not yet have highly energy efficient LED lighting, its worth looking at as a priority.   LED lighting is 60% more efficient and requires less maintenance. Many states have programs that assist with providing rebates or funding to do lighting upgrades.  Check what’s available in your area and utilise it if eligible.  In Victoria the Energy Saver program has funding available – see https://www.victorianenergysaver.vic.gov.au/save-energy-and-money/discount-energy-saving-products/save-with-these-energy-efficient-products/commercial-lighting-and-upgrades   

Sustainability Victoria found that most retail businesses spent less than $7,500 to implement and saved up to $5,000 annually so the return on investment is less than 1.5 years.  Well worth the effort. 

– Andrew Whelan, General Manager at AP Group

Green Moves provides consumers and businesses with a selection of sustainability services that are designed to minimise energy costs and reduce environmental footprints – www.greenmoves.com.au

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