The Lead Candidate Podcast – Leadership with Elizabeth de Somer: CEO of Medicines Australia

Today we have Elizabeth de Somer on the show! Liz is here to talk about her role as CEO of Medicines Australia.

She’s sharing how she collaborates with government, clinicians, researchers and patient groups to ensure the development of sound policies to support patients access to innovative medicines, vaccines and treatments. If you’re trying lead a group of people with differing interests and motives then this episode is for you.

Here’s what we talk about. 

  1. Diverse experiences can shape leadership
  2. Not all people plan to be a CEO
  3. Authenticity in leadership can be beneficial
  4. Listening is an important part of leadership
  5. CEO’s need a vision

We also get into the importance of communicating with the general people during the age of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can listen to the podcast on our website.

The purpose of “The Lead Candidate” Podcast

In science, we are taught how to become competent researchers. If you are talented and lucky enough to build a strong research profile, you become a leader in your field. This does not, however, automatically make you a leader of people and yet so many roles that use science require real leadership. This podcast aims to understand what qualities and experiences make a great leader in different fields of science. What are the differences between those that fall into the role, versus those who were made for it?

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