This Pathological Life – The Social Media Literati

Information in the past (ergo knowledge) was restricted to the few. However, the social media landscape provides individuals with their personal megaphone to the world.

As most are aware, there are numerous benefits this provides, such as engaging directly with an audience. However, these benefits have to be balanced with a price, namely personal data and professional boundaries.

Traditionally, Medical Practitioners, Doctors, and Specialists have approached social media cautiously.

We discuss the pros and cons of medical practitioners accessing/using social media with Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network and Mayo Clinic’s Social & Digital Innovation team. For Lee, he has been working in the social medial field for over twenty years from politics to medical institutions.

We discuss what information is being collected, how that can be used, and the best way Doctors can use social media.

Available via OMNY Studio on iTunesSpotify and Google Podcasts with Podcast Host Steve Davis and our Dr Travis Brown Resident General Pathologist. This Pathological Life is produced by Clinpath Pathology in South Australia.

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