Your Pharmacy Career Podcast – Interview with Jeyda Shiaxiates

Jeyda Shiaxiates works at Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API) in Pharmacy Operations for Priceline Pharmacy. She has been a community Pharmacist for seven years, and in a brand support role for five years.  She is a mum of two young children (5 years old and 11 months old) and works full time. Her current role involves developing and supporting the Priceline Pharmacists in their career and professional development ambitions. She is passionate about the value a Pharmacist can add to patient care and the importance of a multidisciplinary team of health professionals where Pharmacist’s are the centre of the ecosystem. 

This year, Jeyda works to recognise and support Pharmacists working through the pandemic, with appreciation of  the changes in our profession in recent times and its impact into the future. Further to this, Jeyda has an interest in the emerging generation of Pharmacist Graduates, as they transition from University into the Priceline Pharmacy banner. 

You can find Jeyda Shiaxiates on LinkedIn.

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