TerryWhite Chemmart supporting Network Partner profit through new system, ‘BuyBetter’

TerryWhite Chemmart is bringing more value to the bottom line of their Network Partners through the next phase of improvements of their ordering software solution, ‘BuyBetter’.

The sophisticated BuyBetter platform allows pharmacies to make intelligent ordering and ranging decisions to enhance gross profit and reduce the cost of doing business.

It is part of TerryWhite Chemmart’s comprehensive multi-platform system ‘iHUB’ which also includes a database management solution, along with programs to assist with pricing and promotional set up, intelligent sequenced ticketing, live ordering and reporting.
With the impacts of Covid-19 being felt across the retail industry, TWC CEO Duncan Phillips believes a system like ‘BuyBetter’ has never been more critical to improving efficiencies and lowering costs.

“Our number one goal for any TWC is improving profitability under any type of condition. We are facing a period of challenging customer sentiment for spending and it brings even more relevance to having quality systems in place to assist both with cost-reductions and freeing up more time to spend with customers.” said Mr Phillips.

BuyBetter has been piloted and refined across approx. 200 pharmacies in the network since April last year and the cost savings so far have more than demonstrated its worth.

“The program has contributed more than $3.6 million in additional GP$ improvements to our pharmacies currently using the program since the pilot began last year. And we know that with continued improvements and the further roll out, this number will only continue to grow,” said Mr Phillips.

Pharmacist owner Christine Timms from TWC Prospect Vale in Tasmania – who has been part of the pilot group – is particularly impressed by the level of information it provides to guide better purchasing decisions.

“The beauty of BuyBetter lies in its ability to provide recommendations on ordering based on previous and future sales patterns and promotional pricing information which optimises my margins and helps manage stock better. I’ve seen material benefits in profit and stock benefits already.”

Mr Phillips has tasked the team at TWC to rollout the BuyBetter platform to the remaining pharmacies in the network and knows that it is a real game changer for community pharmacy.

“We have already seen how beneficial it has been to our stores piloting the program – we are now looking to fast-track the roll out to all stores to ensure that the whole network, and new pharmacies joining the brand, can capitalise on the benefits BuyBetter brings,” said Mr Phillips.

For more information, visit https://realchemistry.com.au/ihub/

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