Quick wins for energy saving on business appliances

Over the coming weeks Danielle King, founder of Green Moves Australia, will be teaming with AP Group to share some bite sized tips on how to make your pharmacy or office greener in 2021.

The team at AP Group have recently gone through Danielle’s crash course and can vouch for the fact that it is much easier than we first thought. With a few simple changes AP Group have managed to significantly lower power consumption and reduced our waste going into landfill!

Potential savings will be different for each business and depend on what you have onsite.  But here are the most common recommendations we make as a result of energy audits done with businesses.

  • Switch off – set up a shutdown system when leaving for the day or closing for holiday breaks and ensure you stick to it.  It can be a very simple process such as last person out the door ensures lights, heating/cooling, and other equipment is switched off.  That includes all electrical devices, printers and computers.   Be sure to remind any after hours cleaners to ensure the lights are off when they leave.
  • Service equipment regularly – this is mainly relevant to heating and cooling and refrigeration. But its good to check hot water systems every few years as well.
  • Take advantage of any grant funding when it comes available.
  • Regularly review your energy tariff and ensure you’re on the best rate
  • If your building is suitable for solar PV, consider installing it.  Return on investment is generally between 5-8 years depending on tariffs, energy use and a few other factors.  It will reduce your energy bills significantly, reduce emissions, and provide some protection from energy price rises.
  • Get an energy audit – if you really what to know what the best opportunities are for your business and site, get an energy audit by a qualified energy auditor who can do assessments to AS3598:2014 standards.  An audit will identify the best options for efficiency, review your tariffs, identify and prioritise the solutions and provide information on the predicted return on investment.   For further information on energy audits, see https://www.greenmoves.com.au/commercial-energy-audits/

– Andrew Whelan, General Manager at AP Group

Green Moves provides consumers and businesses with a selection of sustainability services that are designed to minimise energy costs and reduce environmental footprints – www.greenmoves.com.au

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