Raven’s 2023 Pharmacy Salary and Market Report is now available

Raven’s Recruitment have recently launched their 2023 Pharmacy Salary and Market Report, specific to the Pharmacy Industry.

Over the past 6 years, we have endeavoured to provide an essential guide for those wishing to understand the movement of salaries within the pharmacy industry, as well as the key trends impacting business over the past year.

As well as our own salary survey data, for both locum and permanent roles across Australia and New Zealand, the report features some excellent contributions from industry leaders and pharmacy professionals.
In this edition we have for the first time included charts of the yearly comparison data of average pay rates for four key job titles using data from 2018 to 2023.

For pharmacy employers, it offers an opportunity to see the salary ranges across the Australian pharmacy market and assess just how competitive their pharmacy is from a salary perspective, as well as insight into the current market conditions and availability of pharmacists.
For job seekers, it provides assistance in determining the value of their skills to both prospective and current employers, as well as giving them some ‘real’ information based on what our employers are actually offering.

We have continued to face shortages within Pharmacy this year and challenges in filling vacant roles, predominantly in the permanent sector, is continuing to affect businesses. As such, many pharmacies, particularly those in rural areas are continuing to rely on locums to ensure sufficient coverage.

Inflation and a tight candidate market are putting salaries under pressure and pharmacies are pulling out all the stops to complete for talent and retain existing workers. To ease the pressure, many pharmacy employers have been considering candidates based on their potential, and investing in internal training and professional development.

The report is FREE to download and can be accessed via this landing page.

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