So Many People are Making the Move to Regional and Rural Australia… is it Worth Making the move? 

The trend of millennials and Gen-X moving to rural and regional areas is growing, with people aged 24-40 leading the tree change. The Regional Movers Index report, a collaboration between the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) and the Commonwealth Bank reported that migration from capital cities to regional Australia increased by 16.6 per cent in 2022, the highest level yet. 

Given this population trend, is it time for more pharmacists to consider whether they should also ride this wave toward exciting new horizons and make the move too? Here are some of the things to consider before making the big move: 

Changing Demographics 

In recent years, a significant demographic shift has been reshaping the landscape of Australia. The trend of millennials leaving the hustle and bustle of capital cities in favour of the peace, promise and better quality of life of regional and rural Australia is unmistakable. This wave of migration has been aptly dubbed the “regional renaissance.” Now, is the time for pharmacists to contemplate whether they should ride this demographic wave toward exciting new horizons. 

Professional Growth 

Pharmacists have always been dedicated to healthcare, and the regions of Australia present an ideal environment for their professional aspirations: 

Holistic Healthcare 

The role of pharmacists in regional communities transcends traditional prescription filling. Here, they are the go-to source for holistic care and health education. These close-knit communities forge enduring bonds with their local pharmacists, who play a multifaceted role as both healthcare providers and highly valued community members. 

Expanded Scope of Practice 

Regional areas often grant pharmacists a broader scope of practice, empowering them to deliver a wider range of healthcare services. This level of autonomy allows pharmacists to leverage their full range of expertise, from prescribing medications to administering vaccinations. As a result, they become integral to the wider healthcare landscape. 

Bridging Healthcare Gaps 

Many regional areas face healthcare shortages, making pharmacists indispensable in bridging these gaps. They serve as the primary point of contact for healthcare, ensuring that essential services reach every corner of the community. The significance and impact of this role cannot be overstated. 

Quality of Life 

One of the most compelling drawcards to regional and rural Australia is the prospect of an improved quality of life – more time, more space, more enjoyment. Metropolitan living often means enduring relentless stress and time-consuming commutes. Regional Australia offers a respite from this urban chaos, providing the opportunity to regain precious time and reduce stress levels. It’s no wonder that a recent RAI study indicates a staggering 69% of metropolitan residents who aspire to relocate to regional Australia, are looking to escape the stress and anxiety associated with city life.  

The Great Regional Jobs Boom 

Regional Australia has witnessed a remarkable jobs boom, with job vacancies reaching a record high in recent years. The professional prospects for pharmacists are thriving in these regions. For Pharmacists and their families, this job boom offers not just employment opportunities but also the chance to make a significant impact on healthcare delivery in communities that need it most. 

Affordable Living 

Affordable housing options have become a rarity in metropolitan areas, making homeownership a distant dream for many. However, regional Australia has brought back hope with diverse and affordable housing choices. From cosy apartments to spacious family homesteads, the affordability factor offers the opportunity to realize homeownership dreams whilst also enjoying higher levels of disposable income. 

Quality Education – In and Outside the Classroom 

For families, regional Australia promises a rich educational environment. Classrooms blend traditional education with hands-on learning experiences in the great outdoors. This nurtures a deep appreciation for the environment and offers children a unique and fulfilling educational journey. 

Connection – Community and Nature 

Regional communities are renowned for their warmth and inclusivity. Relocating to these areas often entails forming profound connections with locals, fostering a strong sense of belonging and fulfillment. These communities provide pharmacists with opportunities for not only professional growth but also personal enrichment. In addition, the pristine natural landscapes and the opportunity to reconnect with nature are undeniably attractive. The appeal of untouched environments, outdoor exploration, and the tranquillity of the great outdoors are powerful motivators. 


The decision for pharmacists to join the exodus to regional and rural Australia is not just a career move; it is a potential-filled life-transforming choice. It’s an opportunity to embrace a fulfilling profession, improved quality of life & financial stability, and a robust education for young families. As Australia experiences the “regional renaissance”, perhaps pharmacists should seize the moment and explore the abundant possibilities that await them beyond the city limits. The path to regional and rural Australia is paved with opportunities, both professionally and personally, making it a journey well worth embarking upon. 

Written by Kathy Marshman, Business Support at AP Group, and Country NSW born and bred. 

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