Your Pharmacy Career Podcast – Interview with Flynn Swift & Georgia Bridges (NAPSA)

We’re delighted to bring you a very special conversation. We have with us the dynamic duo at the helm of the National Australian Pharmacy Student Association, or NAPSA. Our guests are none other than President Flynn Swift and Treasurer Georgia Bridges who work tirelessly to support, guide, and advocate for pharmacy students nationwide.

They’ve been involved in numerous initiatives, supporting the professional growth of thousands of students, and they’re here today to share their insights, experiences, and advice with you all.

We will be talking about their journeys in pharmacy school, what motivated them to take on these roles, and how being part of NAPSA has influenced their pharmacy education and future careers.

So whether you’re an aspiring pharmacist, an early career pharmacist, or someone interested in student leadership, this episode is packed with insights you don’t want to miss.

About Flynn Swift

Hi everyone, my name is Flynn and I’m the National President of the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA). I am a 4th-year pharmacy student at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

About Georgia Bridges

Hi I’m Georgia, I’m a current 4th year pharmacy student. I’m the 22/23 outgoing treasurer of NAPSA, a position I’ve held for 2 years now as well as the vice president of the RMIT Association of Pharmacy Students. I came into pharmacy after pursuing another health career but have grown to love it and I’m excited to see it continue to expand and new roles for pharmacists emerge every day! 

You can find Flynn Swift and Georgia Bridges on LinkedIn.

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