Your Pharmacy Career Podcast – Interview with Jacquie Meyer

Jacquie Meyer is a pharmacist and pharmacy owner who provides a team of pharmacists to her communities to engage in their health and well-being journey. Using robot technology and a forward pharmacy model, Jacquie values the role of the Pharmacist.

Breaking the barrier between hospital and community Pharmacy, Jacquie provides a unique environment for Pharmacists to experience both within her LiveLife Cooroy Pharmacy in this Hybrid model. She also has experience and exposure to palliative care through her Cooroy pharmacy.

Jacquie is continually learning and is not only a naturopath but also training to become a lactation consultant.

As a former PSA QLD Branch President, Jacquie has had much involvement with advocacy at a state level as well as launching the PSA QLD ECP group to engage at a student level and assist in the development and mentoring of soft skills not taught at University.

Jacquie has been a Preceptor to over 10 Intern Pharmacists, assisted in writing the LiveLife Intern Program and has mentored 3 LiveLife Early Career Pharmacists into their Ownership Pathway in the LiveLife Pharmacy Group.

She is passionate about the future of Pharmacy and is always highly engaged with pharmacists to fulfill their career pathways.

Located in the enviable northern region of the Sunshine Coast, Jacquie is a partner in the LiveLife Pharmacy group, which is the largest employer of community pharmacists on the sunny coast.

She welcomes any pharmacist to make contact with her to discuss not only partnership opportunities within a trusted and well respected network but to talk about the ever changing landscape of our pharmacy profession.

You can find Jacquie Meyer on LinkedIn. You can listen to the podcast on our website or via your favourite Podcast app.

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