Your Pharmacy Career Podcast – Interview with Jamil Karaki

Jamil Karaki, a Locum Pharmacist deeply rooted in the world of retail pharmacy and education. Jamil wears multiple hats, not only as a dedicated educator in the pharmacy program at the University of New South Wales but also as a dynamic content creator on TikTok, where he imparts invaluable health tips and tricks to the public as @megamindpharmacist.

Jamil’s pharmacy odyssey began during his student years when he ventured into retail pharmacy, swiftly climbing the ladder to manage large pharmacies and lead teams of up to 47 staff members by the young age of 27. Along this journey, he started sharing his wealth of knowledge through what he termed ‘Megamind sessions’ – educational forums where he enlightened fellow pharmacy professionals and students about common ailments and their treatments.

These sessions served as the foundation for Jamil’s rapidly growing social media presence, amassing nearly 60,000 followers and counting. But Jamil’s passion for teaching didn’t stop there. Upon joining the pharmacy course at UNSW, he collaborated with Dr. Ramesh Walpola to teach the double-degree pharmacy course. This opportunity allowed Jamil to nurture his newfound passion for guiding the future generation of pharmacists, ensuring they grasp and excel in the intricacies of the profession.

Yet, Jamil’s ambitions reach even further. He aspires to become a pharmacy owner, with a vision to revolutionise the pharmacy experience for the public in an unprecedented and innovative manner. Join us as we explore Jamil Karaki’s incredible journey, filled with dedication, education, and the relentless pursuit of transforming the world of pharmacy.

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