Blokes United, created only 13 days ago, has amassed 13,000+ members!

Blokes United, an online support forum for men and launched just 10 days ago, has already gained more than 10,000 members.

The group is the brainchild of Barry Hall, AFL Hall of Fame, Shaun Higgins, AFL All Australian and Richard Maloney, Mind Mentor to both Barry and Shaun, and founder of Quality Mind Global. 

“With Stage 4 in full swing in Melbourne and men facing many challenges in life, we thought it was time for blokes to unite,” said Richard Maloney. “COVID can be tough for many of us and it’s during these difficult times we love to call on our mates. Often that’s over a beer or a coffee. Unfortunately, in a lockdown, that just isn’t possible.”

“With male depression, suicide and significant disengagement by many blokes from what they truly want to achieve in life, Blokes United is designed to help fill that void. And it’s free to join.”

“We are blown away with the interest in Blokes United. We are getting thousands of blokes joining every day. It shows how much this group is needed, especially in Melbourne, but men are signing up from all over Australia.”

Blokes United has a timetable of live, online activities aimed at relieving isolation blues for the next 4 weeks (and potentially beyond) including meditation, yoga, personal training and speed mating. It promises to deliver plenty of laughter, honesty, connection, and most importantly, practical tools to help men thrive under pressure. Refer to the timetable attached.

Men who log in to the laid-back blokes-only online forum will hear honest and open stories from prominent athletes, comedians, industry leaders, mental health experts, along with everyday blokes.

Three things are expected of men who tune in: a smile, an open mind and a commitment to implement one mental health tip each episode. 

“Helping blokes become the best version of themselves is what we are all about, but at their own pace,” Maloney said.

Blokes United’s mission statement is to:

Create a nation-wide community of like-minded Legend Blokes. Bloke’s who are committed to:

  • Putting an arm around each other.
  • Digging deep and looking within with an open mind.
  • Working hard to become the best versions of themselves.

To join, men must be over 18 years of age. Any form of racism, abuse, putting down others, or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated, and will result in posts and members being removed from the group.

“Being harmless to self and harmless to others.” is the ‘Blokes United’ Motto

For further information contact Co-founder:

Richard Maloney
0417 100 988

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