This Pathological Life – Allergies Part Two | Anaphylaxis and Fighting Food

In 1901, an experiment when horribly wrong when Doctors attempted to induce tolerance in to a group of dogs by repeated injections of poison. The results were reproducible. Furthermore, the substance did not even need to be poisonous. In 1902, the reaction was called Anaphylaxis.

In the 1920s, a spate of Scientists and Doctors self-experimentation led to a range of discoveries about food allergies and reactions. Injecting skin, injecting nasal turbinates, and injection volunteers (including children) helped us to understand the different types of reactions the gastrointestinal tract can have to different foods allergens.

Join us as we discuss Part Two to our Allergies Podcast with Dr Daman Langguth and learn our current understanding of Anaphylaxis and food allergies.

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