The Lead Candidate Podcast – Leadership with Leigh Farrell: Non-Executive Director and Senior Executive

Today we have Leigh Farrell on the show! Leigh is a Non-Executive Director and Senior Executive leading many companies particularly in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors. He is here to talk about the importance of mentoring and receiving mentorship.

He’s sharing his advice on how to find and invest in the next leaders in your group or company.  If you are trying to cultivate a good culture in your group then this episode is for you.

Here’s what we talk about. 

  1. Provide your mentee with people to meet. Debrief on those meetings afterwards to help find out what is next for the mentee
  2. TRUST is incredibly important to establish between mentors and mentees
  3. Be a proactive and prepared mentee
  4. Leaders should always be learning to stay relevant
  5. A business without a succession plan is an endangered one

We also get into some great job interview scenarios I think everyone should be prepared for. 

You can listen to the podcast on our website.

The purpose of “The Lead Candidate” Podcast

In science, we are taught how to become competent researchers. If you are talented and lucky enough to build a strong research profile, you become a leader in your field. This does not, however, automatically make you a leader of people and yet so many roles that use science require real leadership. This podcast aims to understand what qualities and experiences make a great leader in different fields of science. What are the differences between those that fall into the role, versus those who were made for it?

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